Improving Konserve

This is an attempt to suit the above mentioned utility program to my needs. For basic information on what konserve is and what it does, please refer to the Konserve Homepage. What can be found here, is a slightly modified version, which allows disabling of Error-Popups upon failed Backup-Attempts.
This is especially annoying when Backup-Directories are on a Network/Server, and the Server is down:
Disabling these messages is simply done by setting the Entry 'ShowErrorMessages' to false in the konserve config file (~/.kde/share/config/konserverc):
The Default-Value for this Variable is 'true', which results in the same behaviour as konserve 0.10.3.
For my own use-case, this is just what I needed, as I like konserve otherwise very well. Unfortunately, I had no luck trying to contact the original author for coordination, so I decided to 'fork' konserve to this version: 0.10.4.
However, if there is a chance to coordinate this with the original author, I would surely agree to do so. If not, maybe I'll take the chance to further develop konserve, or even port it to KDE4 - no guarantee, though, for that .

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