Ksitecopy - a KDE Frontend for sitecopy - the venerable website update/maintain program

This is my first KDE program (besides some fiddling with the tutorials) which I wrote mainly as an exercise for myself, but maybe it is also useful for someone else - so I have uploaded it to this website. Anyone interested is invited to download and test it, bug reports as well as proposals for further improvement are welcome.
The initial version 0.1 does only basic things and requires a working installation of sitecopy - please refer to the sitecopy webpage first.
Features included in the 0.1 version are: Changelog:
Version 0.1.8: Version 0.1.9: Version 0.1.10: Version 0.1.11: Version 0.1.12: Version 0.1.13:

The first release is currently available, I have taken a screenshot thereof :

sitecopy.kmdr kommander script to launch sitecopy
custom.toolbar.tgz quanta+ toolbar for sitecopy.kmdr integration
ksitecopy.ebuild.tgz Gentoo-ebuild for ksitecopy - unpack to $PORTDIR_OVERLAY .
ksitecopy-0.1.13.tar.bz2 (source tarball)

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